Saturday, December 1, 2012

Prince Lupus and the Jain Temple

As I explained here, I'm diverging from haiku proper for perhaps a few days to tell an important story, that of Captain James Barlowe Massimo, and his role in history. A role which is not insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe. Bear in mind these snippets in the life of the Good Captain are not in any relevant order now... but laid out... as mosaic would be. So that perhaps one day when they're gathered together, we can step back to see the whole... which today, is unrecognizable to us. Here now then, is the story of Prince Lupus, and of Captain Massimo's time at the Jain Temple:

- Prince Lupus and the Jain Temple -

After consulting with an associate from the British Consulate... I was advised not to tell the particulars of the portion of the story including Captain Massimo and the items from the British Consulate. They were quite adamant about this and suggested some obscure post 9/11 legal rules and the threat of detaining me in perhaps some... as they say... "facility of undisclosed location" for a time if I were to divulge the quite amazing events that took place there. Nevertheless, I will tell the tale around the bits, and tell the story of Prince Lupus, and the Captain's time in a Jain temple. It's a short tale: