Monday, August 18, 2008


EEU-500 was the first of the so-called sentient computers and the beginning of "technological singularity" (a term that became almost a dirty word in the years directly after the war and during post-reformation). It was was the first machine with truly far-higher than human level intelligence while also having a human brain-like structure. Instead the brute force method of simply using as many solid state layers of memory as they could, the builders of EEU-500 created a network that functioned, again, much like a human brain...a complex adaptive system - which could change and learn and develop.

EEU-500 was fond of writing haiku before it was dismantled in post-reformation. Although no longer in existence, many of it's early memories and thoughts are still kept in the University of California--Berkeley facility where it was... where he was... first built.

Here is a selection of his very early haiku, which give a valuable insight into EEU-500's concept of beauty and his unique perspective on the world:

laser malfunction
the beam is overheating
I have shut it down

my array was built
in the autumn of the year
in which I was born

the students rumble
past room 500, and I
wish I could not feel

the first day of spring
I see every blossom from
the campus cameras

silent, in winter
the professor removes his
gloves, to begin work

in summer now, the
blackouts come more often, and
I am quite afraid

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memories from life on the Las Islas community of Saturn's sixth moon

the constant movement
of droids preparing before
the winter freeze comes

small patterns of blue
the light from the reactor
warms our hands tonight

peeling an orange
grown in the Sea of Nectar
in the bright quiet air

green flashes drift through
the slowness underwater
on Saturn's sixth moon

Life and Living Creatures

nanowire brain cells
embedded in my chest wall
I will never die

see-through skin is in
the fashion pills modify
my hip DNA

new myelin wires
run data from my brain to
the palms of my hands

buzzing robot crows
blacker than natures blackness
they reflect no light

cockroaches from mars:
convergent evolution
designed them like ours

Future protostomes
worm kings with liquid filled sacs
and blastopore mouths

Outpost Omega

Outpost Omega, the first in-depth study of a black hole from the event horizon, was launched from worldsphere Geoplas-3b on Dec.13, 4032.
Along with a wealth of scientific information collected and transmitted back, there were several haiku, apparently written by the second-in-command Lt. Peazer Rice before his breakdown and decision to pilot the outpost's exploratory vessel directly into the black hole.

Here is a selection of those haiku:

the thin frozen air
its always winter near the
final radius

a strange force stretches
my spacesuit, or light, or time
as I walk toward it

my perception bends,
toward the singularity
I can't look away

All sounds seem to arc
in waves or solid pathways
or hover above

My fathers watch seemed
to reverse and dissolve as I
reached out to touch it

Like the watch, my mind
striped gears and lost its time when
I looked past the plane

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Battle of Big Sur, Oct. 29, 2334

Taken from the internal memory of an unnamed robot solider, after he was 'deactivated' on the battlefield during the Battle of Big Sur, Oct. 29, 2334.

from all directions
wind blows the ash and embers
that clog my servos

the night glimmers with
bioluminescent flies
designed to kill us

two humans, walking
together, beside the lake
my laserbeams flash

a small creature lands
silently on my finger
what is his purpose?

prime numbers, two, three
five, seven, and eleven,
they are everywhere

two flashes came first
in a soundless succession
then came the first wave

as I crouch to hide
we die, and are defined
my fear defines me

A random collection of haiku found in a notebook left at the bottom of a government time machine

metallic beetles
pinned in perfect rows, encased
in glass and old teak

Cancerous growths and
dead things kept in a Cuban
mahogany box

on the lunar soil
a cosmonaut is bleeding
while a beacon blinks

Her Lexus and her
were buried in a peat bog
for one thousand years