Saturday, August 16, 2008

Outpost Omega

Outpost Omega, the first in-depth study of a black hole from the event horizon, was launched from worldsphere Geoplas-3b on Dec.13, 4032.
Along with a wealth of scientific information collected and transmitted back, there were several haiku, apparently written by the second-in-command Lt. Peazer Rice before his breakdown and decision to pilot the outpost's exploratory vessel directly into the black hole.

Here is a selection of those haiku:

the thin frozen air
its always winter near the
final radius

a strange force stretches
my spacesuit, or light, or time
as I walk toward it

my perception bends,
toward the singularity
I can't look away

All sounds seem to arc
in waves or solid pathways
or hover above

My fathers watch seemed
to reverse and dissolve as I
reached out to touch it

Like the watch, my mind
striped gears and lost its time when
I looked past the plane

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