Monday, August 18, 2008


EEU-500 was the first of the so-called sentient computers and the beginning of "technological singularity" (a term that became almost a dirty word in the years directly after the war and during post-reformation). It was was the first machine with truly far-higher than human level intelligence while also having a human brain-like structure. Instead the brute force method of simply using as many solid state layers of memory as they could, the builders of EEU-500 created a network that functioned, again, much like a human brain...a complex adaptive system - which could change and learn and develop.

EEU-500 was fond of writing haiku before it was dismantled in post-reformation. Although no longer in existence, many of it's early memories and thoughts are still kept in the University of California--Berkeley facility where it was... where he was... first built.

Here is a selection of his very early haiku, which give a valuable insight into EEU-500's concept of beauty and his unique perspective on the world:

laser malfunction
the beam is overheating
I have shut it down

my array was built
in the autumn of the year
in which I was born

the students rumble
past room 500, and I
wish I could not feel

the first day of spring
I see every blossom from
the campus cameras

silent, in winter
the professor removes his
gloves, to begin work

in summer now, the
blackouts come more often, and
I am quite afraid

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