Monday, September 8, 2008

Fritz Redooa's Lost Haiku

Cosmic Motors, founded in 8966-B and still one of the galaxy's finest vehicle manufactures, has long been associated with beauty and mechanical perfection. The Redooa brothers, Fritz and Osni, founders of Cosmic Motors, were also said to be quite fond of literary beauty and the mechanics of language, specifically the art of haiku. The recent discovery of several handwritten pages of haiku hidden in Fritz Redooa's Imperial Voyage Truck, The CM Nembiquarer, seems to support this assumption.
The following are a selection from those haiku:

The dry clutch spinning
and force reactors humming
in the summer heat

The Camarudo
feels heavy in this heat, or
I am growing old

the wastes of Nala
silent in the deep freeze, but
for my ticking watch

Osni, my brother
sits in the autumn woods, with
leaves and ideas

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