Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Year 10 Trillion

10 trillion (10,000,000,000,000) years in the future, the last remnant of mankind resides on the inner layer of 1 small Dyson Sphere surrounding 1 small dying star.

The cosmological constant has accelerated the expansion of the universe, driving galaxies and stars away from each other. The supply of gas needed for star formation has long ago been exhausted, the protons of this last remaining star are decaying at this very moment, and all of space is nearing absolute zero. The heat death of the entire universe is imminent. Things look rather bleak.

As a last resort, these humans have built a theoretical device for producing a quantum Linde orb which is large enough to surround a freighter ship. If the device works as theorized, it would allow the ship to wade through the quantum foam of the multiverse, in search of a more habitable tract of spacetime.

The fact that we have a record of their journey tells us that they were successful, and even somehow found a way to send information to our particular location in spacetime, most probably via the same Linde orb technology that they used to relocate.
Nevertheless, we have the complete record of their trip... So, here is a selection of haiku written most likely by the ships engineer:

So strange, the changes
as we power the ship through
the multiverse foam

our only star is,
through Hawking radiation,
doomed to disappear

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